Our Story

Picture of Founders Family

Like any other busy family, we spent most of our days playing catch up living in controlled chaos.  COVID19 and the subsequent quarantine forced us to slow down and take stock of what really matters.  Once we had the chance to breath and take a look around, we noticed something that scared us.  Our kids didn’t really know how to wash their hands.  The convenient foaming soap that was in our bathrooms, just slid off their hands when they put them under the water.  No matter how much we policed them “get the soap on both sides!!...  in between the fingers.  Count and scrub for 30 seconds!” It was torture for them as much as it was torture for us.  

Always the grownup kid, Color Clean Soap’s founder, Mike, decided that the only way to make washing hands a staple was to make it FUN!  We decided that a bright color would make it easy for kids to see that their whole hands were covered and that the thick texture would make it so that they had to scrub for about 30 seconds to get all the color off.  Our kids took to it immediately, asking, “can we wash our hands?!”  

We figured that there were lots of other families out there struggling with the same issues and after asking around to friends, we realized this wasn’t something we could keep to ourselves.  Making the safety of our families and society a priority, all while keeping it light hearted and fun is the mission of Color Clean Soap Company.  Join us in bringing up a generation of little hand washers and making every day brighter and safer!