Soap kids actually want to use

Build confidence and independence

Color Feedback™ = Better Cleaning

Our patent-pending formula shows you where you've washed (and missed). This visual feedback is non-staining and encourages proper hand washing.

Natural Ingredients = Gentle on Skin

Our soap is made from premium ingredients like organic coconut oil, essential oils, and shea butter.

Real Soap = Happy Earth

Unlike petroleum-based synthetic detergents in most hand washes, Color Clean's real soap is 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Kimberly A

"I was iffy about this soap but bought it anyways. I LOVE it! My parents ended up buying some, the school nurse at my work bought some, and I bought 3 for my daycare provider. It's some of the best soap I've ever bought!!!"

Donn H

"As an educator knowing kids can visualize how to keep their hands clean and safe makes this soap a great product! This is the perfect gift for a child who is entering school."

Felicity P

"My 4 year old hated washing his hands before this and now I have to cut him off or he will wash his hands 4 times in a row!"

Jody A

"My grandson -3yrs- loves it and is learning to do a really good job at washing his hands"

Amy K

"I've seen a huge improvement with my kids' hand washing since we started using your soap. We even sent a bottle to help at preschool!"

Sherry S

"Just received our order. My son - 22yo and with special needs - is loving washing with the blue soap. He is clearly washing better when he knows he has to get all the blue off before he's done!"